Sultan ul Faqr Publications

The office of Sultan-ul-Faqr publications (Registered) is in the khanqah silsila sarwari qadri.

. It is a registered publication house under IPO Act 2012 (16) and Trade Mark Act of Pakistan. The main objective of establishing Sultan-ul-Faqr Publications is to spread the teachings of Faqr and Tasawwuf through books and magazine.

Mahnama Sultan-ul-Faqr (Monthly Sultan-ul-Faqr)

Every month, magazine Mahnama Sultan-ul-Faqr Lahore  issues from the khanqah silsila sarwari qadri under the supervision of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen. This magazine contains spirituality and mysticism based articles most of which are written by the disciples of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen. In order to make it available globally, an exclusive website is present. All the magazines issued so far are available on this website:

Additionally, through this website, the seekers of Allah can not only read the magazine online but can also download it for free. This facility is a great favour by Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen. Also, important topics of Faqr are available in the form of articles for  online reading.

Large number of seekers of Allah and common people have got the true knowledge of Islam through this magazine. Many of them have adopted the path of Faqr by taking oath of allegiance to Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen after reading this magazine.

Under the kind supervision of Sultan ul Ashiqeen, Sultan-ul-Faqr Publications Regd. has its own Android App which can be downloaded

Here all magazine issues can be read and downloaded.

Sultan Bahoo Books

Moreover, the department is publishing latest translations of Sultan Bahoo books in English as well as Urdu. The original Persian script is also published alongwith the translations. Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen esoterically and exoterically guides his disciples who know Persian to translate the books of great Saint Sultan Bahoo. He firstly purifies them inwardly and elevates them spiritually to the point where they become capable to understand the message hidden in the words of Sultan Bahoo and then translate them properly.

English translation of Sultan Bahoo’s books is one of greatest favours of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen and big milestone in history of Faqr. Because, the disciples of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen are translating Sultan Bahoo’s books in English and publishing these translations in book form for the first time in history. So as to provide an access to the great mystic knowledge of Islam to new Muslim generations across the world.

Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen’s Books

  Allah has bestowed Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen with remarkable intellect and creative nature. He himself has written quite a number of books to benefit common Muslims. All his books reveal the real and esoteric aspect of Islam as well as promote the teachings of earlier Saints. Sultan-ul-Faqr publication has published English translations of many of his books as well.

Moreover, Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen’s disciples have jointly written a book on his life-history and struggle in Urdu by the title ‘Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen’.

All the books and magazine are composed in khanqah silsila sarwari qadri. These books and magazine are a great source of guidance and inspiration for the seekers of Allah. Till now, this department has published near hundred books. Detail of books is present in the BOOKS section.

All published books and magazine are available in the khanqah silsila sarwari qadri and on book stores all around Pakistan.

Availability Online

All literary work published under the umbrella of Sultan-ul-Faqr Publications is available to read online. So, the seekers of Allah all over the world can read it from everywhere. We have given the link to the publication’s website below:


Additionally, not only one can read books online on these websites but can also download for free.

Propagating Department

Sultan-ul-Faqr Publications  also assists the propagating department of Tehreek Dawat-e-Faqr. It provides all kinds of published material like books, magazine, pens, pamphlets, posters etc. to the Tehreek. It is all lead by madina sarwari faceland or sarrwari qadri order of Sultan Bahoo.


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